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Jingjiang spun-gold monkey textile co., ltd. is engaged in the spinning produces and the business which the monthly yield is about 800,000 meters. The company main product is various jeans series such as whole cotton jeans, stripe jeans, cotton-wash jeans, cotton-wash elastic jeans, ramee cotton jeans, flaxen cotton jeans, color jeans, Grating jeans,jacquard jeans and core jeans etc. which is from 4.5 to 14.5 ounces in weight. The product design is new, the style is special, the specification is well-found, and feeling soft, fresh in color and luster, good water-absorbing, and can satisfy the different needs. Recently the sale quantity increases continuously, special in ramee cotton jeans and flaxen jeans series...

Jingjiang spun-gold monkey textile co., ltd.

Address:Room 603,Buliding 6,Zhongtai square,No.133 Renmin Middle Road,Jingjiang,Jiangsu



General Manager:Ding Yan


Email: sales@jshtex.net  market@jshtex.net